Private Chef

Honor Harvey is our in house Chef specializing in flavorful foods for wellness and longevity. She has worked as a Caterer and Private Chef for high profile and celebrity clients between San Francisco, Orange County, Scottsdale, and New York City.

Included in her body of work are years with The Amen Clinics as Corporate and Private Chef where Honor learned the many health benefits and science of ingredients within a recipe.  She enjoys sharing knowledge and creativity via social media, and through teaching ingredient-focused cooking classes.  She also enjoys reintroducing clients with specialty diets to foods they know and love.

Honor’s helpful nature has brought her opportunities to serve in the various communities she’s lived in at soup kitchens, church functions, and hospitals.  She loves to give back, and enjoys being part of a thriving community of chefs, farmers, and any individuals sharing and learning about each other’s unique passions, for great causes.

Chef Harvey is a master on all levels, and will work with you to make your event special, whether it is a small intimate dinner or larger events up to 250 people on our property. And while she is an expert at overcoming the challenge of creating mouth watering and eye catching meals starting with strict dietary/health limitations, her Texas roots still live and breathe, and she is also more than willing and able to prepare a feast of any kind based on your heart's and stomach's desire. 

If you would like to enquire more, please let us know.

Below is just a taste of what you get and it is heavenly..

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