Marijan Gluhak’s Photography Explores Poetic Moments

Currently on view at 250 Long Pond, photography by artist Marijan Gluhak ponders the meditative memories of architecture featuring sites from his native Croatia. This new artworks by the acclaimed artist and philosopher showcases his nuanced sensitivity and aptitude for capturing what Henri Cartier-Bresson observed as the “decisive moment” defining all remarkable, striking photographs. Showcasing works across the prolific artist’s oeuvre, including the “Time Poetry” and “Small Pieces of Life” series, these colorful and elegiac works mark the quiet moments best defined by human absence. “These photographs are visual poetry about time,” remarks Gluhak.

In “Time Poetry”, doors lie ajar in abandoned spaces, sunlight pours in through windows, objects lie under beds and on chairs - speaking to a history of a place long since forgotten. Gluhak has a remarkable eye for color and grayscale, shadow and light. Contrasting lines and textures define the boundaries of architectural space in each of his carefully composed photographs. Evoking painters such as Edward Hopper and Andrew Wyeth, Gluhak’s artworks capture a visceral sense of the mystery and romanticism firmly embedded within our notions of home. Gluhak’s “Small Pieces of Life” series displays artifacts marking the passage of time, eloquently elevating the mundane into ethereal portmanteaus. These objects mark a simpler era: a time before technology overtaking society and human relationships. “There wasn't modern alienation which the way of living brings us today,” observes Gluhak. “These objects stayed to tell the story about time long since passed.”

These of a simpler life are greatly enhanced by the quiet, meditative rooms at 250 Long Pond.

250 Long Pond is a refreshing contemporary estate hosting a mix of art gallery, wedding venue and events space. Elegantly situated across 120 exquisite acres in the Berkshires, pleasantly framed by the Williams River and cliffs, springs, and stunning rock formations. Biking and running trails weave throughout the property, and the carefully curated property features floor to ceiling windows, beautifully luxurious fixtures and furnishings and beautiful open spaces framing the stunning landscape beyond. The property embodies ideals of bringing nature from the outside in, and the scenery remains breathtaking throughout every season.

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