There are 3 separate dwellings on the property. You dont have to book all three. They can be booked separately. Only the main house renters have access to the pool and hot tub. The guest house and barn do not FYI but of course if you rent the main house and your guests are also staying in the guest house and barn they are welcome with your permission.

Main house:

$3200 per night for up to 16 people, and additional 10 people allowed for $175
each per night with 3 night minimum stay during high season May 21 through
October 21st  

Cleaning Fee:


Guest house:

$650 per night for up to 4 people and additional $175 per night for up to 4
additional people    

Cleaning Fee:



$750 per night for up to 4 people and $175 per night for up to 6 additional

Cleaning Fee: $175

Event fee:

$65 per person for any attendees not paying to stay overnight up to an event maximum of 220 people.


MA Sales and occupancy tax

Fill out the form below, or contact the owners, Ken Alpart
at or 917-566-3541 or Maytal Olsha 415-624-7524 for pricing
and details